Monday, May 3, 2021


BLOG #104      THE APOSTLE JOHN’S WITNESS OF JESUS #9      5/3/2021

John 2:1-11


The phrase signs and wonders appear some sixteen times in the New Testament. The emphasis is on the redemptive activity of God (for example, the deliverance from sin). True signs and wonders in the New Testament are performed by God through Jesus.

The Gospel of John looks intently into the mind of God. His “signs” point to the deeper truths of the miracles.

In the Old Testament the wedding banquet was a symbol of the Messiah’s arrival (Matthew 22:1-14).

Jeremiah describes the future conditions of the messianic kingdom (Jeremiah 31).

F. F. Bruce says that the wine symbolizes the new order as the water in the jars symbolizes the old order. The old order of the Jewish ceremonial washing was to be replaced by something better.

Jesus said: Unless you people see signs and wonders… you will never believe (John 4:48, NIV).


Next week’s study - John 2:13-25



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