Friday, April 16, 2021


BLOG #102      THE APOSTLE JOHN’S WITNESS OF JESUS #7      4/16/2021

John 1:35-42

Once again John the Baptist is pointing his two disciples to Jesus. Why did they want to spend time with Jesus? I do not know, but it seems obvious they wanted to get to know Jesus better.

 After the two disciples spent some time with Him, they were convinced He was the Messiah.  Andrew was so excited he could not keep the good news to himself. Andrew told his brother we have found the Messiah, which translated means Christ (John 1:41, NASB). He brought his brother to Jesus. Andrew was a man who felt compelled to bring others to Jesus.

Jesus asked the disciples, what do you seek? (John 1:38, NASB) It is a fundamental question of life that we need to ask ourselves. What are we looking for? Could it be we have turmoil in our souls, and we are trying to find peace within? Could it be we are trying to find peace with God? The only way we can find that peace is through Jesus Christ.

 In John 1:42 (NASB) Jesus said, Simon the son of John you shall be called Cephas, which means a rock. It took time before that happened, but Jesus not only sees who we are, He also sees who we can become.

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